What We Do

UniSkript Research and Literacy Institute exists to pioneer new applications and technology for the remediation and elimination of illiteracy and its collateral ill effects around the world.

The Institute acts as a convener of the best of thinkers, educators, pioneers and practitioners, seeking to bring an end to illiteracy. Resources are focused on scientific studies and testing with focus groups that result in new orthographies, contextualized training pedagogies, materials, training mechanisms and technology that can then be leveraged to remediate illiteracy among large populations of common language speakers.

Significant focus is given to targeting UniSkript based applications and training in language specific areas of the world with the highest concentrations of illiteracy, absence of educational opportunity and accompanying poverty.

In tandem with URLI's passion to see a literate world, UniSkript as a technology has tremendous efficacy and benefits in many other arenas related to speech, reading and writing. URLI is pioneering clinical studies and applications for Dyslexia, Aphasia and Apraxia in conjunction with veteran Speech and Language Pathologists.

In 2016 URLI increased its focus and impact in the fields Historical and Cultural Preservation. URLI will be focusing its technology on the creation of new orthographies, for language groups that have for all their history been "Agraphos", with no written expression of their mother tongue.

URLI will play an increasing role in the preservation of dying languages, thus strengthening the cohesiveness of cultures by re-instilling cultural pride and identity in language groups, by working with them to create their own unique and culturally aesthetic alphabet and writing system and the ability to publish in the newly written language.