What is UniSkript?


A Layman’s Definition

UniSkript is a way of teaching literacy using a “phonic” symbol system (like an alphabet) that clearly represents the way all human beings use their mouths to speak, and it is easy to learn.

Uniskript is intuitive and can be spread virally from one learner to the next, in an illiterate or sub-literate population of people in a common language group. Field observations, over a five-year period, in 7 distinct languages, saw some illiterate people understanding how reading works after 3 hours instruction in Uniskript, some in less time. By 2015 Uniskript alphabets had been developed in over 40 languages, and field trials had been started in some.

The World’s First Universal Writing System

UniSkript is a new disruptive, linguistic and literacy technology. It is an icono-phonological and icono-featural writing system with potential world-wide application. The very characters of a UniSkript orthography, are distinct in nature to those of most historical writing systems of the past, in that Uniskript characters can be designed to depict the organs of speech and the production of sounds of any l human language.

Because UniSkript characters are icons that map to and depict the organs of speech, they intuitively instruct the learner, quickly bringing simultaneous kinesthetic and phonemic awareness.

UniSkript learners can become literate in UniSkript in a relatively short time, because it's easy to learn, and many learners become conscious for the first time of how their vocal tract works in speech and pronunciation.

Unlike the letters in our Roman Alphabet that have no relationship to the sounds they represent, UniSkript characters actually depict the oral production of the phonemes or sounds that each character represents.

Because the UniSkript characters depict features that are universal to speech of all human beings: Lips, Tongue, Palate and Throat, as well as other smaller featural parts of speech, people of every language can recognize them readily. In that way UniSkript is a universally applicable writing system - one that can work for every spoken language in the world.

An Engine for Creating Alphabets

There are presently nearly 7,000 distinct languages spoken in the earth. Eleven of these languages English, Mandarin-Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, French and German, account for 51% of the worlds population. Another 200 or so languages account for another 44% of the world’s population (Unesco).

This means that over 6,000 languages are spoken by groups of less than a million people. Many if not most of these do not have a written expression of their language.

UniSkript is the first system ever innovated that can feasibly provide a useable orthography for each of the 6,000 spoken but unwritten languages of the world. It can bring rapid literacy to each person in their mother tongue.