UniSkript Training & Professional Certification


UniSkript Research and Literacy Institute is developing training in many areas related to the UniSkript Technology. Training and certification programs are or will be developed in the following disciplines of linguistics, literacy and articulation :

  • Decoding spoken languages and the creation of UniSkript Orthographies.
  • Acculturation of UniSkript to Mother Tongue languages.
  • Use of Language and Orthography development for the preservation of cultural heritage and dying languages. 
  • Speech Pathology certification for the use of UniSkript in dyslexia remediation.
  • Pre-school and primary school certification for basic child literacy training.
  • Certification in UniSkript Adult Literacy programs.

Additionally, in the near future URLI will be launching the “Uniskript Online Training Institute” to offer comprehensive training and certification in multiple modalities.

Dates and timeframes for beginning certification programs are still being developed and will be announced at a future date.