UniSkript Literacy Technology


The growing ubiquity of smartphone use around the world, coupled with the staggering number of recent advancements in its capabilities, have made mobile phone the most powerful and accessible delivery device for facilitating learning and training of individuals and groups.

It is now possible to deliver course content across many platforms using the mobile browser. Content and training can now be delivered to nearly every point on the globe. Many of the poorest developing regions of the world have now achieved very high saturation levels of mobile phone adoption. For instance in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are fewer than three landlines per 100 people. Yet there are ten times as many mobile phones as landlines and 60% of the population has mobile phone coverage.

UniSkript Research and Literacy Institute is deeply committed to finding the best solutions technology has to offer in the fight to eradicate illiteracy. Because the new UniSkript Technology represents a literacy technology that can be grasped in three to six hours, we are firmly convinced that its viral nature can allow literacy to be spread by training via mobile devices and other software applications that can be utilized over phones and tablet devices.

URLI is in the process of developing literacy curriculum and approaches to teaching and training that can be easily delivered through a phone browser, via chat apps or easily passed on in small modules via email and SMS texting technology.

Special focus on youth and gamification of the literacy and learning process will also form the basis of a viral literacy movement.