Scott Margason, Director of Operations

Margason BW

Chief Operations Officer

Scott has spent the last thirty years helping organizations of all sizes drive change and achieve their goals.  During the first third of his 28 year career at Accenture, Scott sold, built and implemented information technology solutions for clients in a variety of industries and geographies.  The next two-thirds of his Accenture career he led teams providing business process outsourcing solutions such as information technology, procurement, human resources, and learning for Fortune 500 clients.  As part of the leadership team that created Accenture’s outsourcing organization named Accenture Learning, he was instrumental in developing and executing effective ways to deliver training to client’s organizations and business partners around the world.  Subsequent to Accenture, Scott extended his focus in providing outsourcing services by leading multiple accounts in an inside sales outsourcing services company.  He also served at the COO of the largest provider of learning talent and solutions in the US.  The last 10 years of Scott’s career, he has predominantly focused on education and training.  He earned his BSBA in Chemistry from the University of Denver.  He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver.  He is happily married with three daughters and resides just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Scott manages all URLI Home office relationships with Government Agencies, Departments of Education and key long-term Field projects in the field as Director of Operations.