A Plausible End to Illiteracy

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Over 1.5 Billion people on our planet who speak one of its 7,000 distinct languages are functionally illiterate. That means over one seventh of the people in our world, are disenfranchised from the internet, the knowledge and benefits of health, education, economics and social integration, enjoyed by those of us who can read and write.

Because of its intuitive and viral nature, UniSkript can change that picture very rapidly. The UniSkript patented 4 Questions Technique and generative phonological model, speeds the creation of new writing systems for all languages that currently have none and brings rapid literacy, to illiterate people of all language groups, stuck in an endless cycle of poverty and lack of education.

UniSkript is a game changer in the field of education and the eradication of illiteracy and the poverty that results.

URLI’s mission is nothing less than the eradication of illiteracy in our lifetime.