Edson Suzuki

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Director of Phonetics Research

Mr. Suzuki is a Morphology and Syntax Assistant Professor with expertise in articulatory phonetics and over 20 years in research and teaching. Mr. Suzuki has developed strong cultural sensibility and has an unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching. He thoroughly understands the learning process and works hard to adapt methods and use various teaching styles. Mr. Suzuki is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and multiple tribal languages from the Amazon. Mr. Suzuki has developed extensive knowledge of ethno-education programs for indigenous and first nation peoples. Together with Ms. dos Santos, he invented Uniskript and he created UniSkript alphabets for Chinese, Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori, Spanish, English, Korike, Urama, and Akha. Mr. Suzuki holds a Bachelor in Geology degree from Universidade Estadual Paulista in Brazil and a Master in Linguistics degree from University of Campinas in Brazil.