Bob Norsworthy



Bob Norsworthy is the current President and Co-Founder of URLI and UniSkript Corporation. He is currently the acting Executive Director of the Newman Family Foundation, a private philanthropic incubator, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bob co-founded Cumulus9 Technology in 2002 and also Invisipipe, Corp., a technology company and distribution partner of Redline WiMax Technology of Toronto, Canada in 2006.

More recently Bob has served in other start-ups  as Co-Founder of SourceView Publishing, LLC and of Giving Joyfully, a Philanthropic funding organization.  He currently serves on the Advisory Boards of the Corban University School of Business, the University of the Nations, and Powered By Action.

Bob is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a number of business ventures, and has over 30 years of international business and non-profit experience. He has been passionately involved in societal transformation through Business, the advancement of Global Literacy, Community Development in Africa, and projects dealing with Extreme Poverty,  Social Justice, Women at Risk and the combating of Human Trafficking around the world.

Bob brings a large network of connections in China, India, Asia, SE Asia and Africa from his extensive travels and work abroad.